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Fish Flops Design Collection







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Fish Flops Featured in major Korean Newspaper!

You can’t make a living with art. Sez who?
The designer behind the Fish Flops company and the footwear sold at
Nordstrom is 15-year self-taught artist, Madison Robinson,
who says she “works” at it.
Her story offers several important lessons:

  • Fish Flops evolved into a business from an authentic expression
    of the artist’s interests and background. Innovative touches and
    whimsical nature designs combined into a fun, colorful, quality
    functional product. And with a memorable name to boot.
  • At the very least,  Madison’s aptitudes may include foresight, structural
    visualization, color discrimination, and memory for design and observation.
    But merely having certain aptitudes is not enough.  You have to work at it!
  • Art and business are separate fields and combining the two requires an additional set of business and marketing skills, which many aspiring artistic entrepreneurs frequently overlook.
  • Small children often have innate business abilities, so more parents
    might want to start listening more closely to those rich fertile minds.


National Business Report
Illustrations used with permission


Houston’s Chronicle’s 43 Most Fascinating People of the year list.
Madison is the second person on the list posted December 9, 2013.

Update 2014!
Madison Nicole introduces her new line of shoes at a recent store appearance

Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation


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