Floyd Norman: Walt Disney’s First African American Animator

Aptitudes, Skill And Knowledge

Floyd Norman admits he was very fortunate to have grown up in the community of Santa Barbara, California  in the era before the second World War where he had access to all the cultural amenities that allowed him to learn and hone his craft as an artist.

If you saw Mr. Norman’s recent PBS appearance on Tavis Smiley, you’ll know that the artist not only has the ability to sketch, but he can create images in his mind in 3-D, an essential aptitude for artists.But the animator understood early the importance of learning his craft and getting the knowledge and training required to succeed.

Floyd Norman is not only an artist but an entrepreneur who decided to leave the Disney Studio to become his own boss and create the ethnic films he wanted to produce.

His official blog Mr. Fun is an insightful historical account of business and culture from his view as he took part in the making of iconic films for Walt Disney.

Tavis Smiley Interview

Floyd Norman’s official blog

Animated Life: A lifetime of tips, tricks, technques and stories from an Animation Legend


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