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Food  Vani Hari’s recent appearance and demonstration on a TV morning show was not only eye-opening but disturbing. Hari’s efforts previously publicized more widely how plastic additives, also found in yoga mats, was included in the bread many people gobble down each day at Subway. Now I don’t understand why it took exposure for executives at Subway to decide to remove a chemical that should never have been there in the first place… but I digress. Hari demonstrated how a natural brand of green tea actually contained pesticides. Consumption on a daily basis would be especially dangerous for someone who drank a lot of the “healthy natural liquid” believing that the label “natural” meant safety.

Take Away Lesson Food is an  essential tool for a would-be entrepreneur who must think effectively and have the energy to function efficiently. Chowing down on a steady diet of  assorted pesticides, plastics, and other chemicals supply the brain and body with toxic substances contributing to fatigue and brain fog.

Critical thinking and problem-solving becomes harder to achieve successfully. Create a simple set of safe healthy nutrition rules for your circumstances. For instance, paying closer attention to ingredients in the foods you’re consuming and the impact on your energy level and mood and avoiding negative substances is an excellent start. References Food Babe CNN Food Food Babe Eating Guides


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