Naming a New Business Is No Joke

Steve Harvey, Family Feud host

Comedian and Family Feud host, Steve Harvey, dumbfounded by the name of a contestant’s new startup.

Harvey uses humor to tell the contestant that the name is a confusing choice. The exchange garnered a lot of laughter. But contestant Jesse Lehrman explained she loves animals, especially moose,  and altered the word anonymous to name her startup,  Anonymoose!


What kind of business do you think anonymous suggests? Home Rentals? Animal chocolate Parfaits? Moose Rentals? Children’s Book editing? Book author?  Other? See the answer at end of the post.

Check out the article by Diane Sullivan on Medium What’s in a name: The tricky problem of choosing a name for your business. Sullivan, a former scientist, and corporate employee renamed her blog for writers and outlined her strategy but adds suggestions not found in other articles. Insightful tips for non-blog-related startups are included.

“Create a Job Description for the Name. The first step is to imagine that the name you are deciding upon is a real person and describe the job it has to do.” — Diane Sullivan


Family Feud Videos:

What’s in a Name?  The tricky problem of choosing a name for your business, June 25, 2021, Medium

Housing rentals


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