Good/Bad Business Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

Beware of Expert Counsel
Billionaire Mark Cuban believes “follow your passion” is bad advice for budding entrepreneurs. However, many experts disagree with that argument.

Based on my firsthand experience, and researching business and medical data on the ill effects of mismatched individuals and work, I disagree completely with nearly every statement in Cuban’s article.

I mean, really?

In the examples that Cuban uses to prove his point, it could be easily argued that the word passion is being misused by those who want to believe they’ve found their calling, and that they will prevail if they just think righteous thoughts. Cuban is not using examples of people who found and followed their path.

In a class on critical thinking, Cuban would have a hard time proving his conclusion. His argument is an example of a theory based on debatable points.

On the other hand, Cuban’s e-book preview contains a lot of common sense content. It’s almost as if two different people wrote different sections of the blog post.

Lesson: Regardless of the source, experts make mistakes; check the logic and background of arguments presented before heeding advice. Even billionaires make mistakes.



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