How a Dream Inspired Words to a Hit Song

How a Dream Inspired Words to a Hit Song
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Aspiring entrepreneurs who literally dreamt their way into a successful business have been featured in earlier posts. Here’s an intriguing story I discovered last week about the business of music.

Asleep on his friend’s floor after a grueling collaborative session
in the late 1960’s, musician Michael Martin Murphy awoke from a dream and penned the words to a song that would later sell a million copies.

An unusual blend of cords, a beautiful melody, and a haunting lyrical tale of a man’s memory of a mountain woman and a magical horse. Elements of a ghost story Murphy first heard as a small child.

Today, the award-winning musician performs as a cowboy singer.
And several versions of Wildfire appear on Youtube.

Wildfire Lyrics

YouTube      5 Min.
Version similar to the rendition released on the radio.
Advisory: This video version has an annoying caption that rotates around the singer’s face during the entire performance, and it has angered some visitors who have expressed their right to free speech in the comment section.
Tip:  Avoid the comments and just listen. A memorable performance otherwise.

Album (5:05 min) HQ
Longer Version

Illustrated YouTube Favorite
with nearly 3 million views

Live Performance
Summary: Before singing, Murphy briefly recounts the story
of how the song was composed.

Interview & Symphony Performance  7 Minutes

Video Interview
on Murphy’s family history

Murphy’s history

Colorist illustration
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