How A Test Prep Educator Got Free Publicity For His Company

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 Season 14 of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
aired this week and contestant Chris Cho’s
appearance was a masterpiece of creative marketing.

You see Cho owns  Cho Educators, an SAT and ACT test
prep company in New Jersey. And Cho was introduced
as having aced the tests five times!

When the host asked how he achieved such a feat, Cho explained
that he takes the tests to ensure that he stays current with testing

Cho’s intro and brief explanation showcased his stellar skills and
company around the country, free of charge.

Cho’s run ended after one appearance, when a tricky pop culture
question about late night TV talk show hosts stumped him,
but not before he ‘had won a five-figure sum. The host
announced that Chow was leaving with winnings of $50,000.

Don’t believe that for a moment Not when you factor in what
it would have cost to pay for that kind of publicity.

Dee Adams is the author of
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