How an Academic Used the Creative Arts to Transform Dry Anthropology Topics into Interesting Reading for the Public

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Do not be fooled by Infrastructure, the less than exciting title
of a panel discussion at this past weekend’s
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

And though rust was the riveting
ad copyused  to lure in droves of viewers, the forum of three
authors offered an array of humerous, insightful, thought-provoking
sometimes alarming bits of information about
rusty weapons, soda cans, donkeys as transportation
back in 1000 BC, ponies
used in mines in modern times, super tankers, sailing, Google cars, drones,
the environment, gender and the engineering profession, pets,
trends in transportation.

One author, in particular, featured on the panel,
a former anthropologist and retired professor,
Bruce Fagan occupies a unique niche.
As the writer of more than 40 books,
Fagan is one of few  who specializes
in his field.

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
Panel Discussion on Infrastructure Fagan
The Intimat Bond; How Animals Shaped Human History


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