How Personal Life Experience Inspired Work

Unique Food Blog and Book Deal

300 Sandwiches
Sandwich Skill

A humorous exchange between journalist, Stephanie Smith,
and her beau inspired a simple idea for a food blog, which
led to a book titled 300 Sandwicheswith recipes:
A multilayered love story

Simple idea?
Grab a pen and pad or Evernote and start listing
sandwich ideas…good ones….and good luck after number 12.

Fortunately, journalists are not only trained to write copy
under tight deadlines, but Ideaphoria, the ability to create
a rapid flow of ideas, is an essential aptitude for many.

300 Sandwiches…an idea inspired at home.
Executed using knowledge, planning, strategy and talent.

Dee Adams is the author of
Fi nding Your Niche: Discover…

Good Morning America/Stephanie Smith

New York

Sandwich Blogger Lands Book Deal
‘300 Sandwiches’ blogger cuts book deal
Understanding Your Aptitudes

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