How 3 Laid Off Employees Started A High-Tech Company

History of a Successful Startup

Fire In The Belly: Building A World-leading
High-tech Company From Scratch
In Tumultuous Times

Co-authors, Jerry D. Neal & Jerry Bledsoe, appeared recently
on a 17-minute c-span segment. They gave an insightful and amusing account
of the high tech company’s start-up challenges with product development
and the loss of a major client early on.

Fire in the Belly:…worth reading for those
with an interest in high-tech and entrepreneurship.
And note the irony of the subtitle:
it was written in 2005, more than three years before the global
economic collapse in 2008.

Takeaways Include:
Employees can be laid off or fired…but when you are the boss…
it’s the clients who might do the firing…

The founders used the work is play concept…and they also
understood the importance from the beginning that they had to
match proper skill set and knowledge to grow their business.

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