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Using Laughter to Market Products & Services
In a previous post, I wrote about different niches in the humor industry. Recently, I discovered two businesses that incorporate offbeat humor into their products and services.

The first example involves an antitheft lunch bag. I have to admit that I stared at the sandwich and its headline for several seconds trying to process what I was seeing then I started laughing…

And the wacky history lesson from the offbeat restaurant chain Laughing Planet Café is one I’ll probably never forget. I had no idea that the Aztecs invented the burrito…

Some aspiring entrepreneurs are able to succeed with humor in the business world while others crash and burn…

Those who succeed are using their sense of humor as an authentic expression, but those who are merely creating a marketing ploy to drum up business may sometimes create unintended consequences, which are far from funny.

Humor is serious business…sorry….
Think through your humor-related strategies carefully before startup.

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