Identifying A Unique Way To Market A Product

 Cow Pies

Can You Sell Anything?
Entrepreneur Annie Haven is trying to build
a fast-growing business built on dried cow manure.

Major Takeaways:
1. Yes and no is the answer to the Inc. article’s headline.
Sales success depends on skill set, knowledge and personality. Some people can sell effectively…for awhile then may experience their motivational level sink drastically, if the task is out of sink with their personality, according to Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation. (JOCRF).

Having worked in several different sales settings, excelling in required tasks then losing interest awhile.… The JOCRF information
was a light bulb moment for me,

2. Teabags and um…cow pies? I ran a quick search to identify what may have inspired that unusual pairing.

Make no mistake. Annie Haven isn’t just selling. It’s about adapting the family business to trends in the marketplace.  Most of all it’s about clever business and marketing strategy steeped* in subtle humor.

Dee Adams is the author of Finding Your Niche: Discover…


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