Information Brokering a Recession-Proof Business

Innovative Mentoring Program for Prospective Entrepreneurs


Members of this profession use high-level skills to find, manage, and communicate information in a multitude of niche industries, according to the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP). Industry members may refer to themselves in a number of ways, including info-entrepreneur or information broker.

Despite the economic downturn over the last several years, the industry has prospered, with some reporting that these past few years have been their best ever.

For instance, take a look at the website of Amelia Kassel. The San Jose University instructor is the owner of a highly successful company, MarketingBase, an author, and member of AIIP.

Kassel offers a comprehensive fee-based mentoring program for prospective entrepreneurs who want to start a business.

Kassel’s website and publications provide an insightful field trip for anyone considering joining the profession.

You’ll also find useful information on the AIIP site on how to enter the field.

Description of the Mentoring Program

Frequently Asked Questions about Information Brokering

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