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Imagine the commotion at an outdoor garden wedding if two baby skunks suddenly strolled out of the bushes and into the backyard among the waiting guests.

It’s a similar reception given to many investigative journalists.

In the Afterwords video, Pulitzer Prize-winning authors Donald Bartlett and James Steele explain why their profession is controversial and often unpopular among population segments.

The pair discusses business-related topics, such as Rubbermaid, the vise grip pliers, and Apple Computer, within the first 34 + minutes of their interview.

For potential entrepreneurs, understanding the political landscape and how decisions in Washington could influence and disrupt their plans to start and operate a small business in specific industries is not to be overlooked.

The journalists explain in simple terms how media hype, deregulation, outsourcing,  and other government policies affect and influence the majority of the U.S population., and they can communicate in ways that even many young adults or preteens can understand.

Reporter with microphone in a crowd

October 2012
C-SPAN Afterwords  Length 100:57
Barlett & Steele

Approx. 3 hours
Barlett & Steele

“It’s time to kill Investigative Journalism.”
February 11, 2012 / Blog Post: Yukon dispatch

Summary: Speech given by reporter at Canadian University Press National Conference January 14, 2012, in Victoria, BC. Talk outlines the profession’s ethics, industry changes, the downside,  daily activities, and the repercussions of going after specific stories.
The viewpoint of a small-town reporter:

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