Issac Harte: Funny Tutorial by Teen Fact Checker

This laugh-out-loud video hosted by Issac Harte is educational and entertaining. And it underscores the serious subject of media literacy and how to evaluate information online.

Topics such as fact-checking tools and a reminder the internet is fair game for bogus videos and information and how to spot real from phony. is a resource organization for media literacy education for all age groups.

The video should also serve as a reminder to adult aspiring and established writers and entrepreneurs of the pitfalls of basing work product or making business decisions based on information found online or in emails without careful fact-checking.  Case in point: Better marketing’s article on How a blog post caused damage and led to a 5-million dollar lawsuit.

As mentioned in Finding Your Niche: Discover tutorials for non-adults is a great starting point for learning information business or self-employment skills.


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Better how a blog post escalated into a 5-million lawsuit:

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