Lessons From A Reluctant Author

Run, Don’t Walk…

Lesson from a reluctant author

Lesson from a reluctant author

A new book by Adele Levine,
Run, Don’t Walk: The Curious
and Chaotic Life 
of a Physical Therapist
Inside Walter Reed Army Medical Center,

has been compared with iconic TV
programs such as MASH.

But even though physical therapist
Adele Levine wrote humor articles
for the Washington Post, she had no
, interest in writing about other subject matt and
initially resisted suggestions to write about
work. Hear the circumstances that changedL
evine’s mind in this recent 47-minute C-Span
presentation. Levine’s new book weaves
hope and humor and helps dispel the
stereotypical view of injured soldiers.

The Q & A addresses the Walter Reed controversy and presents a riveting and highly informative look at the activities of soldiers who have lost limbs during rehabilitation. Amusing author’s background. page. http://adelelevine.com/about/

There are several, but one major theme is humor.
Levine has a talent that not all have but can incorporate
in their life and work in some way.
The trick is to figure out ways to do so.

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