Marketing With Creative Cookies

Cookies Vs. Cupcakes


Pick any decade and chose a TV sitcom and you will likely
find an episode with a food-based entrepreneurial theme.
and with a useful takeaway amidst the chuckles..
Whether Family Matters, Mr. Belvedere, Martin, Frasier,
Roseanne, 2 Broke Girls,
Big Bang Theory, I Love Lucy…

Last week, TV Land’s The Soul Man featured a subplot about the
Reverend Ballentine’s cupcake truck owning brother who decides to hire an
arsonist to collect on his insured truck. You see, he is losing money
because of changing trends in consumer tastes.

Note: In the real world that plan will afford a rich opportunity
to spend time in the state or federal penitentiary.

The episode was a reminder of how some bakeries have avoided getting into the cupcake business because  of competition.* Focusing instead on a centuries old confection…the cookie.

Three awesome examples of cookies that could be linked to marketing to specific industries…fashion and real estate… turned up online.

And I was also reminded of Famous Amous: long before Wally Amos gained fame by introducing his chocolate chip cookies to the public, the talent agent used his homemade treats as a marketing tool to entice celebrities to join his agency.
And it was that activity that led to his startup.


The Soul Man(PG language)

Realtor Cookie Basket

Cookies and purses for fashion plate

Parker’s Crazy Cookies

New York
Famous Cookie-Wally Amos
Note: Insightful article for budding entrepreneurs.
But I disagree with the last line about
quicksand and help arriving…
Don’t count on it…look for the twig.

Tip Entrepreneurial
*Noted several month ago.

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