Maya Penn: How A Second Grader Started A Successful Brand

Colorful scarves on a guardrail overlooking a brown adobe landscape

As a second-grader, Maya Penn’s interest in art, saving the environment, and creating healthy clothing led her to start sewing clothing.  Now 21, Maya Penn is the CEO of her own company.

Maya not only specializes in sustainable,  eco-friendly, vintage, and organic collections of vintage accessories, clothing, jewelry, and other items, but she is an environmental activist and consultant to the fast fashion industry. Other activities include TED Talks.

How Penn has used her original talents and interests to succeed in today’s world as an entrepreneur and philanthropist is insightful.

“I started sewing little headbands out of ribbon, hats, scarves, and bags. Soon my items began selling all over the world. Then one day, Forbes called me when I was 10-years old and wanted to feature me and my company in their article.”


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