Michelle Penczak: Military Wife Finds A Solution For Lack of Employment

When Michelle Penczak could not find work a few years ago despite her education and experience, the military spouse and expectant mom felt disheartened. The wife of a deployed pilot, she was never able to stay in one place permanently.

As is the case with military families, moving from place to place is the norm. So, employers did not want to hire Penczak or other military moms like her.

“It’s a bad country song is what I like to say”   — Michelle Penczak.

So, Penczak started her own company to help other military mothers find employment. And today her company, Squared Away is successful and provides virtual services to CEOs with online companies.

Penczak’s story is interesting because it provides an inside look at issues many outside the military would not realize were a problem that needed solving. And highlights the motivation that inspired the startup. It also provides a blueprint that might inspire someone else unable to find work with a different set of qualifications and industry insight.

Answers to the following questions could provide many ideas:

Skill Set
The problem of getting hired is as follows…
Do others have the same problem? If so, describe those people in detail
Who could benefit from and afford to pay for a pool of people described above offering such services?

Starting a company is not for everyone, but Penczak was not going to find steady work if her family remained in the military, unless she created her own work.

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