Mystery Author Inspires StartUp Idea Worth Billions

E. G. Lutz
Still in his teens, a would-be entrepreneur discovered Animated Cartoons, How They Are Made, Their Origin and Development, 1920s,  the book credited with giving Walt Disney the idea to start a business.

Written by cartoonist and author, E. G. Lutz, born 1868(?). Curiously, historians report little is known about the artist, Edwin George Lutz and even his date of birth is questioned. But Lutz wrote books about drawing and animation and worked as a cartoonist creating projects for the children’s market.

Today, the vision of Walt Disney continues. In 2013, according to the company’s annual report, Walt Disney took in a few dollars before expenses…more than 45 billion…

Takeaway lesson:
What book [or books] were favorites or left a lasting impression?  Why? Create a checklist of answers. And clues to values, experiences and path may well unfold.

Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library

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The Walt Disney Company
Annual Report 2013pdf Note: Probably the only company with an annual report that may bring a chuckle when you see the cover page.


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