Aptitudes of the Rich and Famous: Leno, Clooney, Boitano, Seymour


Did You Know – The following celebrities very likely share a particular aptitude that many people don’t have. Can you guess what the common aptitude in question may be?*Comedian Jay Leno *George Clooney *Olympic skating champion, Brian Boitano *TV’s Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, Jane Seymour

  • What successful playwright wrote 5 novels, but publishers wouldn’t buy them?


  • Structural Visualization: the ability to imagine solid objects in 3-D.- Leno has mechanical ability exhibited when he tinkers with his classic cars.  Clooney appears to have the aptitude when he refers to his ability to see scenes play out when he’s directing a movie,  recently recounted on a PBS interview with Charlie Rose, Seymour is a successful painter and sculptress and Boitano’s design and architectural project in restoring his ancestral family’s home also points the evidence of the same inane ability.
  • George Bernard Shaw: take away lesson here is that different genres of writing have different aptitudes.

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