The Nicholas Brothers Danced like Superheroes to Jumpin Jive

If superheroes danced, they might use the moves performed by the late Fayard and Harold Nicholas in the 1940s film Stormy Weather. Today, some believe Computer Generated Imagery may be the only way to duplicate their filmed dance sequences.

Many people including, Fred Astaire, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Gregory Hines were fans. According to Fred Astaire, the dance sequence in Stormy Weather was the finest film sequence he had ever seen.

The Nicholas Brothers were honored by the Kennedy Center in 1991 for their body of work spanning six decades.

Back Story

What is also so incredible about the dance sequence in Stormy Weather is that it all started with a little boy, Fayard Nicholas, watching famous Black entertainers perform in theatres, imitating their performances and teaching himself then his siblings how to dance.

The color movie clip below featuring Fayard, and his younger brother Harold, seven years his junior, showcases two performers who had no formal training: no film rehearsal, one take.

Starting in infancy, baby Fayard accompanied his parents, college educated musicians to their theatre jobs where he learned a lot about show business in his early youth (youth-ling?). The black and white video clip below underscores his childhood progress and that of his pupil, his younger brother Harold.

Exposing a toddler to a creative environment had jaw dropping results in this case. Both brothers were talented. But Fayard Nicholas in addition to the natural ability of a dancer, exhibited creative ability and teaching skill in the genius range.

In the film, Cab Calloway is the host and singer, crooning “Jumpin Jive” with his orchestra. Calloway, the first African American musician to sell one million records introduces the Nicholas brothers and then humorously bops out of the scene.


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