2 Teachers React to 70s Hit Song with an Odd Title

Husband and wife coach and teachers, Jay and Amber Robinson of the Rob Squad YouTube channel responded to a suggestion from their diverse subscriber base to react to a video by KC and the Sunshine Band from the 1970s.

So, early one morning they listened to a song they had never heard before; music, 2.5 of them did not expect to hear given the odd sounding song title.

Fun memorable video.

Back Story 

Rarely does one see a musical group with a lead White singer, front man Harry Casey, in which, except for Casey’s producer also a band member, all the other members are African American.

KC and the Sunshine band (KC&SB) formed in the mid-1970s in Florida, 11 miles from Miami Beach, would in time become internationally known. And the band’s music crossed color lines, past and present as the second video below underscores. 

Without video, many people today regardless of color, believe Harry Casey, aka KC, was an African American singer.

For instance, check out the husband-and-wife team, Shawn and Mel as they watch the suggested video “That’s the Way I like It”, then their astonishment as it slowly dawns on them, they can’t initially pick out which musician in the mixed group is KC.

Harry Casey and the Sunshine Band are credited with practicing diversity long before it was a buzzword.


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