Shopping & Racial Profiling: Revised PDF Converted to Paperback

Book Cover titled Racial Profiling & Social Justice in the Marketplace

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Table of Contents
Special Thanks
Note to the Reader

Introduction: A Brief History: The Roots
of Consumer Discrimination
Taking a Stand: People of Color in the Marketplace

Short Stories
A Good Lawyer
The Great Avocado Caper

Questions for Reflection or Group Discussion
*Activities: Research, Write, or Produce a Visual Collection
 *Quiz This:True or False,
Multiple Choice, Short Answer

Lawsuit Outcomes: True or False?
Million-Dollar Coupon
Bring Your Own Fork
The Case of the Missing Tennis Shoes

Law Hunt: Information Outline
Potholes, Solutions, and Conclusion

Bibliography & Resource List: Articles, Books, Booklets,
Handouts, Organizations
State and City Laws
Money Matters
Celebrity Profiles

Did You Know?
Answer Key

Tips for Minors
Security Guards
Shopping Alone
Shopping with Friends
Avoid Behavior that Invites Scrutiny
Losing Your Temper
After a False Accusation

Appendix A
What Would You Do? A Critical Review

Appendix B
What You Should Know About Police Reports
Exhibits: Police report and grocery receipt from the short story A Good Lawyer

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converted to paperback.

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