Phil Collins and Phillip Baily: Making a Video Behind the Scenes

Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind and Fire and Phil Collins of Genesis show the challenges in their “Easy Lover”  “video within a video, within a video,” while creating their 1980s production.

But as they practice singing and their choreography and search for show clothing, some may initially wonder how the men created this crossover hit, which they co-wrote with a third musician.

TheEasy Lovervideo includes chuckle-out-loud moments.

The back story  of the unique 1980s song

Phil Collins, the drummer, became Genesis’s lead singer and began producing others. Earth wind & Fire was one of Phil Collins’s favorite bands, so he agreed when asked to create EW&F band member Phillip Bailey’s first solo album.

But others were concerned that Collins’ influence would produce an album with a White sound. So Baily hired bassist Nathan East for the background while Collins produced the song and played the drums. East was a third collaborator on the music. Ironically and thankfully, East suggested the two men should perform the song together; it was never intended to be a duet.

Both men sang over the ballpark, and the song was a hit with all groups, even with hip hop lovers.
No one was sure how to classify it because it had a unique sound. Still does.

Twinsthenewtrend reacts to the audio version of “Easy Lover.”


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