Playing Chess and Hacking Computers in Africa

Using low-tech Game to Teach Computer Skills


During a recent panel discussion on the Future of Reading
at the Boston Book Festival, one of the panel members from
MIT admitted that his organization went to Africa with a supply
of laptops for students who had never seen one.


The goal was to teach reading to the students. However,
a strange thing happened during the visit.  At one point, the
Americans discovered that the students had somehow figured
out how to hack into some of the computer equipment, equipment that
they had never seen before…

And consider, if you free associate images and terms with Africa a 15-year-old
Ugandan teen girl who plays chess would not readily come to mind… at all.

We all have stereotypical notions about what certain people can and cannot do.  However, someone forgot to tell the students who hacked into the laptops or the Ugandan chess player that are supposed to be limited on their skills and abilities…

Lesson: What limits do you place on your own skills and abilities?

Boston Book Festival/C-Span/2013

Queen of Katwe

Chess & Intelligence


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