Q & A: Is A.I. Technology a Solution for Racial Profiling?

Q: Do you believe replacing humans with artificial intelligence will improve the constant racial profiling of people of color in the consumer marketplace?

A: Overall, don’t count on it. Artificial intelligence (or A.I.) has not solved the long-standing issue, so far. The primary developers of A.I. are engineers and computer scientists from Ivy League schools. And increasingly, MBA’s at top American research universities (Kahn). And the lack of significant diversity in computer and engineering fields and Ivy League institutions contributes to the problem.

Consider this example: Facial recognition software could not identity former First Lady, Michelle Obama, Oprah, or Serena Williams, according to Time magazine.

“When A.I. projects fail, she says, it’s very often because those building the software failed to consult with subject-matter experts who know the use case the best. There are big cracks in not just the foundation, but the walls, the doors, and the windows of the building.” — Amanda Stent, machine learning expert

On a positive note, researchers found online banking loans were awarded more fairly to African American small business owners than traditional in-person banks.

For more information, see the insightful article on Medium by Dr. Yildiz about emerging technology and racism.

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