Q & A: What Is the Single Most Important Thing One Should Know Before Launching a Startup?

Q&A: Single important thing

A: There isn’t a simple answer
to your question.

Imagine embarking on a kayak trip
across unfamiliar territory.
What one thing would you take?
Food, water, warm clothing, camping equipment, cell phone?
Point being, narrowing the answer to one thing is dangerous.

I could cite business maximums, such as find a need and fill it,
but that advice is often misinterpreted.
Skills and aptitudes, knowledge, and values must be compatible with goals.
Critical thinking, a marketing mentor, and financial know-how are key.

Yet up to 85 percent of startups fail, says Gary Bredow, host of the PBS program Start Up. 
Perhaps the statistic may hold the answer to your question:
Of the startups that succeed, what are they doing that most aspiring entrepreneurs overlook? 

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…






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