Q and A: How to Find Success in the Food Truck Business

Q: I live in India and plan to buy a food truck
with several friends. People are making money selling food.
What can I do to ensure success? I am an educated person and have
been a tech long enough.


A. Highly competitive business… like the Indian Ocean is moist.
The easier it is to enter  an industry, the more challenging it
will be to succeed.

Since you have no experience in the business, step back and study the marketplace thoroughly. For example, profiling the competition, and learning how to
market a food truck
rofessional menus and buying a truck will not be enough
Even those with previous restaurant experience find that operating
a food truck is much harder than they thought it would be.

Key Questions and Issues Include:

Be sure that you have or can acquire the training, knowledge
and skill set necessary to succeed in the industry.

1. Have you spent a lot of  time in your spare time watching the
work day routine of trucks that you choose to observe?
2.  What will you do if one or more friends decide to walk away?
3.What tasks and activities will you be responsible for? Will you want
to do so day in for more hours than you anticipate?
4. Identify what exactly you dislike about your current position

Be aware that your dislike of your current job may play a major
role in causing you to act in haste.

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