Quick Computer Quiz: Tech-Savvy Tips for Biz Beginners


One tech problem too many and a recent 
research project to price out the actual cost of
that $9 laptop featured in the news inspired this post.
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Take a closer look at the opening photo
then view the video

Some aspiring entrepreneurs either lack
the requisite skill set
or harbor a passionate dislike of technology,
gathering how-to information
on an as-needed basis for their startups.

If the thought occurred that
the tyke pictured may know more about
computers than you do… or the monk’s distress
seems all too familiar it may be a clue that
tech ability should be examined for strengths and
weaknesses. And how best to compensate either
by finding qualified help or by developing an IT
skill set should be a goal .

Information professionals have to keep up with the
latest computer and software trends.
Here are several tips 
and insights gleaned
from firsthand experience a recent check i
n the AiiP forum


Having the latest software and an up-to-date
operating system is key, notes Mary Ellen Bates,
author of The Reluctant Entrepreneur.
Apart from having IT people to call on, developing
an IT troubleshooting skill set may be necessary
to manage updated software and operating systemS.

Knowledgeable tech tinkering may
transform a new edition of Office software
so that it appears similar to a previous version of
Windows, which the user may be more
comfortable using.
Note: Free Open Source Software
Open Office and Libre Office

Be aware that computers sold online at bargain
prices may often mean the equipment may not
include customarily preinstalled software,
requiring additional expense.

 Replacing equipment: “If possible, keep the old unit
and software around. Not all files can be converted
to newer versions.”…

Cloud-Based platforms are a recommended
resource for those less tech oriented. Two examples:
Office 365 http://tinyurl.com/jq8jlc4 and Google Apps

Almost everything is moving to the cloud – making
it easier…regarding use and technical support,
for Windows or Mac.

Did You Know?

All techs do not have the same level
of skill and knowledge. whether handling personal or
business IT issues. Check out the Entrepreneur
and ABC news links.


Abc7 News.com
7On Your Side

While having the latest equipment and software
is key in many fields, not so in all. For example,
some staffing companies who place virtual workers
will not hire workers with the latest Windows  OS


 SlideShare…10 Tips before Buying a Laptop
Note: Consumer Reports is a highly useful
time-saving starting point.



Note: For the tech-challenged this laptop
may be a lot of work, and depending on specs,
may require several hundred dollars
Internet access is currently available via Comcast
but limited via Earthlink to Webmail sans support and
AT&T..no And in Laptops for Dummies, author Dan Gookin
warns about the tech savvy skills necessary to upload
a non-Windows OS.

Buying cheap cables and accessories
are unwise investments, says a veteran
IT professional. C2G.com was one
helpful resource given.

Beware! Extended warranties purchased from a reputable  third party
will not necessarily cover all issues. For example, the operating
system is classified as software and may not be included in the
repair plan. A fact not readily made clear in the sales copy.
But you will learn fast right after the first glitch.

If you buy an earlier edition of Microsoft software from a reliable third party, yes Microsoft will assist with tech support but usually for setup  solely, depending on the edition Other tech issues will require a large fee.
Solution: opt for a Microsoft 365 subscription because it comes with tech support and the monthly fee is minimal.

Laptops made by the same manufacturer may have new
major differences. For instance, the trackpads on the Toshiba brand
do not all operate in the same manner.  Or the laptop may be designed to shut down when external devices are plugged into ports .So, download the user manual and study beforehand.


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