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How to Search for a Unique Home-Based Business*
Q. With a background in management in the restaurant and retail industry, and as a daycare owner, with experience in website design, video editing, and tourism, what unique business could I start from home?
Hobbies also include sewing and scrapbooking.  

A. The vocational choices show a pattern of interest in technology, management, travel, crafts, and a people-person orientation, but the conclusions may be misleading. Why these previous career paths? What were the likes and dislikes about each occupation?

To find a home-based business idea begin by converting previous experience into a checklist list of acquired skills, specialized knowledge, and aptitudes used in each job. Be clear about those tasks or activities enjoyed versus those disliked in each working environment. Perform the same examination of your leisure time activities.

Research the industries in which you have experience and knowledge.
Identify the industry in which you would like your home-based business to belong.

Decide on how you would like to gather information. For example, attending trade shows, talking to industry professionals, or searching through databases on the Internet for trends and statistics.

As you research industries, look for problems experienced by people who work within the field, unmet needs, and make note of shoddy and costly services and products offered to customers/clients.

                       *Question adapted from a forum inquiry 


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