Self-Employment Q and A: Work-Life Conflict

Clarence Crane & Starbucks Founders

Q. What’s the difference between candy inventor
Clarence Crane and the founders of the original Starbucks?
Shouldn’t Crane and Starbucks founders both been able to
walk away from business ideas that may not have been compatible
with their skill sets?

A. You are referring to an earlier post in which I noted that it
was understandable in the case of Starbucks not to pursue a change
in their original concept vs. Clarence Crane who made a huge
mistake when he gave up on his idea for
a new kind of candy that he’d invented.

The difference is that Crane was a chocolate
manufacturer when a problem with candy melting during
shipping in the summer sparked the idea for
a product that wouldn’t melt.

So Crane created Life Savers®, remained in the candy industry
but sold the rights to the mints for nearly nothing.
Frustration over production and marketing
issues were the reasons cited.

After checking several sources, I suspect that work-life
issues may have clouded his judgment…
Crane had a very challenging home life.

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