Seminole Entrepreneurs

Native Americans Buy Pop Culture Empire
Doing business with people from around the world involves
the study of their culture and customs, but it is a process which
may be overlooked.

For example, a lot of businesspeople may be unfamiliar with
the communication style that characterizes many Native
Americans in the business world. Humor*, short and to the
point is a major aspect, as is the observation of silence and a
tendency to refrain from talking when interacting with strangers.
Avoiding eye contact is another feature of Indian language skills.

*When the Seminole tribe purchased the Hard Rock Café business empire several years ago, the Seminole vice chairman stated at a New York press conference, “Our ancestors sold Manhattan for trinkets. Today, with the acquisition of the Hard Rock Café, we’re going to buy Manhattan back, one hamburger at a time.”

Lesson: Not learning about the characteristics and culture of entrepreneurs from different cultures can lead to costly miscommunications.

Hoag, Christina. Seminole Tribe Buys the Hard Rock Business Empire. The Miami Herald, December 7, 2006.


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