Starting a Successful Restaurant

Insights from Danny Meyer

The CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group dishes with
Charlie Rose about his success as a creative restaurateur.
The creator of the Shake Shack and other successful food concepts,
Meyer discusses how he changed from a political science major
to the food industry, and eventually realized that being a chef
was not his calling, a fact that he knew with certainty after getting
into a fistfight in his new restaurant with a customer.

Meyer explains how, as a teen, he watched his entrepreneurial
father file for bankruptcy and how the experience afterwards
influenced his business decisions as an adult.

Terrific, insightful 25-minute interview also
details how he merged his skill in the food industry with
artistic ventures, and how a student working on a doctoral thesis c
ame to work for his company then developed her
own startup in another industry.

Dee Adams is the author
of Finding Your Niche: Discover…



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