Start-Up Trouble

The Industry That Disappeared Overnight
During a recent appearance on Book TV, author Ben Mezerich promoted his latest book Straight Flush. It’s a story about a home-based venture started by poor college students who made a fortune, then crashed and burned when a political power play put not only put them out of business but running from the law.

Mezerich has carved out a niche with books that examines what happens when the fast life and questionable values collide in the entrepreneurial world. 
He asked viewers a number of questions.

  • Why is it illegal to play a certain game of skill online but the lottery is legal?
  •  Would you spend a year in a federal prison in exchange for millions of dollars?
  • An investor gives you $1,000 to start your company in exchange for a percentage of the  profits but walks away leaving you to do all the work. After you build a successful venture, the backer reappears years later to demand a large share of the profits based on the original agreement. What would you do?

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