Dispute Launched a
Unique Entertainment Company
In the 1980s, drummer and street performer Luke Cresswell couldn’t use traditional instruments while performing on public streets, so he began using ordinary items that had a percussive beat.

This idea served a number of purposes. Not only did he have access to an original supply of free or low-cost musical instruments, but it was a creative way to get attention. It would be nearly impossible to walk past someone playing a noisy, unusual item without stopping to watch in amusement. In time, the strategy would lead to a thriving business.

Years later, Cresswell and his musical partner were locked in dispute with their record company and unable to record or stage music because of a contractual stipulation, so they decided to create a new sound: one that didn’t have a melody. They used their street performances as the inspiration for a new dance troupe called STOMP! using common items for musical effect.

Today, the group has been seen by more than 12 million people around the world.



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