New Business Ideas

How A Costly Water Utility Bill Inspired A New Business Idea

Veteran Employment Project When a monthly water bill proved too costly for the salary of one veteran he found a way to solve his financial problem and create jobs for other soldiers. Whether or not one has an interest in growing vegetables the valuable lesson in this Charlie Rose interview can be applied to other circumstances. […]

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New Product Ideas

One Way to Profit from Consumer Complaints People with disabilities couldn’t find the entertainment books they wanted to read through public libraries, such as cookbooks, thrillers, and romance novels. The publishing industry routinely offered bibles and health-related subject matter for that market segment.  A large print publisher decided to solve the problem and profited handsomely by producing […]

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Hail Caesar

Cocktails Anyone? Whether you drink or not, there are useful take-away lessons illustrated by a Canadian product manufactured in Manitoba. It’s Caesar’s cocktail drink packets. Transplanted Canadians know that ordering their favorite cocktail outside of their mother country is a frustrating experience. The drink can’t be created authentically outside the Canadian border due to the […]

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