Racial Bias

Woman dressed in security uniform with male colleague shown in glass door reflection

Security Guards and Racial Bias: Pop Quiz

True or False? A  security guard in the Millennial age group is more likely to see racial issues differently than a security guard in the Boomer age group. The Answer: False “Pew Studies did a report that says aside from interracial relationships, Millennials see race pretty much the same as Boomers did … which means […]

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Why Two Young Minority Entrepreneurs Were Arrested at Starbucks

Update: This post, which first appeared April 18, 2018, was removed then reposted because of a technical issue. Q: Technology and social movements may help address profiling issues in the consumer marketplace, you noted. Recently, cell phone video went viral after the controversial arrest and jailing of two minority men sitting at a Philadelphia Starbuck’s. They […]

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