Racial Profiling

Woman dressed in security uniform with male colleague shown in glass door reflection

Security Guards and Racial Bias: Pop Quiz

True or False? A  security guard in the Millennial age group is more likely to see racial issues differently than a security guard in the Boomer age group. The Answer: False “Pew Studies did a report that says aside from interracial relationships, Millennials see race pretty much the same as Boomers did … which means […]

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New Blue book cover with shoppers in front of a glass door for Racial Profiling & Social Justice in the Marketplace

Racial Profiling and Social Justice Blog

Mission: Provide insights to students; useful information that may be valuable in their lives. For students, independent learners, parents, and youth educators with an interest in supplemental lessons for ethnic studies and social justice topics. As a former plaintiff in a six-figure profiling case, Dee Adams writes about often overlooked issues regarding racial profiling in […]

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Q & A Racial Profiling Lawsuit

Q & A: Racial Profiling Lawsuit

Q: Regarding the mom of five and the recent Walmart lawsuit, what news source does the best job of reporting on the issue? A: Reporting on the recent case in the news differs from the overall issue. Consider compiling and analyzing articles from different industry sources… Examples: News One cites incidents of prior racial profiling stories. […]

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