Q & A: Racial Profiling Lawsuit

Q & A Racial Profiling Lawsuit

Q: Regarding the mom of five and the recent Walmart lawsuit, what news source does the best job of reporting on the issue?

A: Reporting on the recent case in the news differs from the overall issue.

Consider compiling and analyzing articles from different industry sources…

Examples: News One cites incidents of prior racial profiling stories.

Allure magazine tackles the subject from a beauty industry perspective and includes statistics on how much money women of color spend on cosmetics.

Many news sources, such as ABC and Newsweek, report on data that Walmart uses to justify profiling practices. But examining and questioning the business practice and its effectiveness is usually missing from news reports.


Abc 7News.com


News One

News Week

Dee Adams is the author of Racial Profiling in the Marketplace: An Inside Look…


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