Tavis Smiley

Aptitudes In Action

 Cool Examples of Finger Dexterity In the 1920’s, Johnson O’Connor, a General Electric engineer, wanted a new way to evaluate which jobs workers were best suited for. Mr. O’Connor, a former John Dewey student, developed a Finger Dexterity test, which focused on workers needs rather than management. Several people who illustrate high-level Finger Dexterity are […]

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How Aerosmith Musician Found His Path

 Clarinet Player Joe Perry? Arrowsmith fans will likely laugh at the thought of the famous guitarist rocking out on the clarinet. During the first 15 minutes, of this Tavis Smiley rebroadcast, Perry recounts his childhood learning disability, science aspirations, clarinet lessons, and love of reading. It’s an inside look at how his family coped with […]

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