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 Cool Examples of Finger Dexterity

In the 1920’s, Johnson O’Connor,
a General Electric engineer,
wanted a new way to evaluate
which jobs workers were best suited for.

Mr. O’Connor, a former John Dewey student,
developed a Finger Dexterity test,
which focused on workers needs rather than management.

Several people who illustrate
high-level Finger Dexterity are noted in this post.
If each person is ranked as 10 on a scale of 1-10,
where might you be on the scale?

1. Chef…Knife skills

2. Classical Guitarist
Tavis Smiley PBS.ORG
Grammy Award-Winning
Sharon Isbin features
samples of her talent.

3. Candy Maker
I Love Lucy
Job Switching
Episode: 036
Classic episode from the second season of the 1950’s sitcom
in which Lucy and Ethel get jobs in a candy factory.

Notice the silent efficient candy maker on the assembly line…
Note: Some people may be forced to admit that their
Finger Dexterity aptitudes
match Lucy Ricardo’s.

Dee Adams is the author
of Finding Your Niche: Discover…


I Love Lucy

Jocrf.org/understanding youraptitudes.pdf
Pages, 57-58


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