Thinking Critically

Critical Thinking for Potential Entrepreneurs

  Class Notes Using Sound Judgement The ability to reason well, to question and confirm the validity of information or data is a key skill at lacking in many entrepreneurs and business school graduates. Some experts believe that there is a tendency to relay too heavily on online search engines and peer-generated information from social […]

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How a Whale Sank Writer’s Career

  Herman Melville’s inspiration for Moby Dick was based in part on the real-life story of the New England whaling ship, Essex. Melville had written several successful novels and was considered a rising star when he submitted Moby Dick to a publisher, but critics panned the novel and the public wasn’t interested in the complex […]

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Spark of Inspiration

Finding Clues Georgette Heyer had her first novel published at 19 years of age in 1921. She’s considered a pioneer in historical and Regency Romance. And more than eight decades later, Salman Khan started an Internet tutoring service. The Kahn Academy was available free of charge to users in 2006. Test your fact-gathering skills by […]

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