Critical Thinking for Potential Entrepreneurs


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Using Sound Judgement
The ability
to reason well, to question and confirm the validity of information or data is a key skill at lacking in many entrepreneurs and business school graduates. Some experts believe that there is a tendency to relay too heavily on online search engines and peer-generated information from social networking sites, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal conducted a survey in the fall of 2010 which reported that more than half of 479 college recruiters surveyed cited the need for students to improve in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving.

In 2012, the ability to self-motivate, problem solve, and think critically are the three skills that business owners seek out in the people they hire, according to an assistant university dean. 

The academic community is beginning to realize that the course material being taught in critical thinking classes doesn’t relate well in the real world, in many instances.  For example, my university class taught critical thinking  using symbols resembling algebraic equations. Although, it was one of the most valuable classes I have ever taken, it took a lot of extra work on my part to relate what I’d learned into business concepts.

In the academic field, critical thinking is often an elective class, and it’s unfortunate because it is a necessary skill for daily living on a personal and business level.

For potential entrepreneurs, it is an essential tool. Figure out how skilled you are and where your weaknesses may lie. If your skill needs improving, how will you do so? Studying independently? Taking an Online Course? Attending a workshop or seminar?

Different learning strategies and excerpts from two of my class assignments will be available next week.

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Learning to Think Critically



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