Tech Update: Hard Drive Replaced

This is Going to Be Fun!

After more than a month offline,  my XP laptop had a hard drive overhaul and arrived late yesterday.

Now I must work with Mozy to reconstruct all my files. Eeep!
But I hate to think what would have happened without my Mozy Pro subscription.

Meanwhile, I plan to complete the projects promised this month.

Lengthy MozyPro download completed last night. But… [There’s always a but] for the past three days, the external Plug and Play Logitech keyboard is not functioning properly. Aggressive pop-ups force me to install the CD each time and I am intermittently being blocked from Internet connection for hours at a time.

Of course, tech support is mystified, but the consensus is that since the external keyboard, which is the sole keyboard, functioned without issue before the hard-drive was replaced…the laptop has to go back to the repair shop for adjustment.

Until I can activate email by phone service this week, I will not send the equipment back right away. I will continue to post what I can and work offline until I have sorted through this tech misadventure.

Oh, yeah, this is fun!


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