Teen T-Shirt Designer Ran Afoul of the Oakland A’s Baseball Team

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Critical thinking means to evaluate…Someone forgot to do that beforehand

Check out this story in the EastBay Express, Accused of Stealing Teen’s Design, MLB and Oakland A’s Stop Selling ‘Stoaked’ T-Shirts, Sam Levin: http://tinyurl.com/phlzx5g

16-year old Ryan Frigo’s story is filled with takeaways including:

If the person who approved the use of the logo for the Oakland A’s made an honest mistake or coincidentally created a similar design, it still points to lack of business knowledge and careless research methods.

If the unauthorized use of Frigo’s design was deliberate, then it’s about lack of creative talent and ethics.

And if the person responsible for the new product idea was an independent contractor….yikes. Either way, companies dislike hiring anyone who exposes them to liability and bad PR.

But the corporate office also has blame in this story because rather than handle damage control right away, they ignored and ticked off a savvy teen with entrepreneurial training and his story ended up on the Internet, TV, and newspapers—more than 50 outlets, according to Frigo’s site. East Bay Express notes that the A’s sold about $2,700 in shirts before pulling the item from their site,

PR coverage for the designer…priceless…

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