The Book that Oprah Bought For Stanford Graduating Class

A Whole New Mind; Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the World

Although this segment of Super Soul Sunday with author Daniel Pink
first aired in 2012, Oprah bought more than 4600 copies of A Whole New
Mind as part of a commencement
gift for the entire
graduating class in

Yet in 2015, many arts related programs are being phased out of schools…
Despite the value of right-brained activities.
For example,  Steve Jobs credited a class in calligraphy as the one that
helped him most in his business career because it taught him
the importance of design, according to CNN.

STEM skills are considered golden.
Three areas of STEM that non stem people can adapt their skills
to fit in the technology marketplace are
For STEM articles see JOCRF Facebook
and the organization’s homepage on Neuroscience and jets

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover:…


Whole Mind Book
STEM Education
in America Half Brained and a
Four Letter Word

University of Florida/STEM vs. Steam/
Graphic features selected famous
entrepreneurs and their thinking abilities

Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation/Facebook
Relationships Between Aptitudes and Brain Areas


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