The Great Backstory of Rhea’s Market & Deli

Adding Creativity to Sandwiches


Update: My first post was based solely
on the recent rebroadcast of the Check, Please!…

segment on KQED.

Since learning more about
Rhea’s (pronounced Ray’s) Market and Deli a
first impression is confirmed…

James Choi was only seven when a neighborhood
girl challenged him to a cooking contest…

You see, what had happened was that the girl had learned
to cook and declared herself as the best and the challenge was on…
The judging decided by their peers. ..

The girl pulled out a pot and package of ramen noodles,
Choi recalled.
He’d never cooked before, but quickly mixed flour
and water, chopped some apples and once the mixture was
prepared, melted a brown sugar topping for his culinary concoction.

Today Choi, who has a computer science and marketing background,
admits to spending a lot of time dreaming up new ideas for sandwiches.

Social media and word of mouth are credited with building buzz
for his sandwich creations and overcoming the liquor store stereotype.
And choosing a top mentor who provided industry insights
and feedback on Choi’s plan to revamp the family business was key.

Clues in that cooking contest, point to the aptitude ideaphoria,
and check out the menu and sandwiches illustrated on
Rhea’s Facebook page.

A passion for food and solid marketing
and business skills…no question but…

If you take a closer look at the deli’s success or hear
Choi speak and a tremendous sense of care and pride
for the community is evident. He believes
that what he does is provide a service for the area in which he grew up.

Heading the family’s business was never part of Choi’s plans
until a major health crisis with his father had him rethink his path.

According to Choi, big happenings are in store
for Rhea’s in 2015.

No doubt!

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…

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