Midwest Book Review: Praise for Finding Your Niche

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The Review
Small Press BookWatch: October 2011
The Business Shelf

Finding Your Niche: Discover a Profitable Idea for a Business
at Home
Or Elsewhere lives up to its title with practical advice
for starting up one’s own business.  From assessing one’s own skills
and finding profitable ideas suitable for business, to marketing tips
for startups, warnings against common pitfalls, learning to devise a
business plan, and more.

Finding Your Niche is a solid and invaluable resource
for any would-be entrepreneur, especially since it’s wisdom i
s couched in plain terms accessible to readers of all backgrounds.

“People won’t buy what they don’t understand.  Develop your
explanations beforehand and test them out on students, family
or friends to measure comprehension before trying to sell your ideas.”

Highly recommended, especially in today’s tough economic times
when more and more people need to look into self-employment
as a career path!


Book Excerpt

Book Excerpt

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