Thug Notes: Takeaway Lessons

Thug Notes: Takeaway Lessons

The popular web-based series,
hosted by Greg Edwards, is a collaborative effort.
Each person, including an actual Ph.D, contribute their knowledge and skill in creating each video, according to Edwards.

Thug Notes is an innovative teaching method that spoofs traditional literature using Rap.
But as the New York Times points out, the concept is being done well…and to death by many others.

So are there other hard-to-grasp subjects, currently overlooked, that might be spoofed in some other unconventional or unexpected way using a method other than Rap?
What might the next popular trend be?

Tavis Smiley Interview with Greg Edwards
Homies in Verona, Gangstas in Elsinore
Thug-Notes and Other Sites Translate Literature Into Rap
Neil Genzlingerjan. January 24, 2014


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